ASP.NET 4.6 Entity Framework 6 and MySQL

I’ve spent a few days looking at a lot of online resources. First for ASP.NET 5 (also know as vNext), the replacement of ASP.NET Identity and Entity Framework 7 and how to get it working with MySQL.

At this point in time there is still no support for MySQL in Entity Framework 7. Thus I’m settling with the current version of things. Changing to SQL Server is sadly not an option for my current project.

Most of the guides or tutorials are old. They are written for earlier versions of Visual Studio and older versions of the software. Frankly, it’s been a struggle to even get most of them to build and then they still won’t do what I expect them to do.

This is why it was very nice to find Lui’s concise guide to Entity Framework 6 and MySQL even if it’s just a console application.

Enjoy Entity Framework 6 with MySql!

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